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Attingham Park is a National Trust property comprising of an 18th Century mansion set in a Repton landscape; the Park and wider Estate includes a deer park, walled garden, several miles of the rivers Severn and Tern, extensive farmland and woodlands.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

New path

We have started work on another new path that will be officially opened next month. The path will allow visitors to walk through a part of the woodland at the top of the Deer Park that has previously not been part of the open site. We spent a day clearing saplings and stumps to create a winding way through the trees and will next be focusing on signposting the walk to ensure that everyone knows exactly where they are going. On the opening day of the new walk we plan to be offering guided tours so I'm looking forward to introducing it.

Today we have been collecting and stacking timber for processing into logs and when we arrived at our timber yard we found a stowaway amongst the boxes of wood, soaking up the sun:
Log orders have started to come in quite frequently now, it must be the nights drawing in and cooler mornings. We sell logs in loads of approximately 1 metre cubed, in softwood or hardwood. We have been cutting logs all year so we are well prepared for the coming winter!

Finally, just because he makes quite an impressive sight, meet the Aberdeen Angus bull that is out with the longhorn herd on the front fields at the moment. Despite his size he appears to be pretty easy going, barely registering me as I requested a photo!

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  1. The new walk sounds interesting, I can't wait to check it out :-)