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Attingham Park is a National Trust property comprising of an 18th Century mansion set in a Repton landscape; the Park and wider Estate includes a deer park, walled garden, several miles of the rivers Severn and Tern, extensive farmland and woodlands.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Happy Birthday Bob!

A quick update to alert everyone to the important news that it is Bob's 50th birthday today! We managed to surprise him with a quick mid-morning tea, cake and balloon party before continuing with preparations for the Food Fair that is starting tomorrow. There will be dozens of stalls offering yummy treats from cakes and Fuffle (you will have to come and try it to find out what it is!) to organic veg, curries, breads and beers.

My saw needed a good sharpening
after hitting this!

This week we have been processing more timber into logs, including felling some dead elms to make room for a new fenceline. One of these elms caught me out as I was turning it out - a piece of wire cunningly disguising itself as a twig took some chunks out of my chainsaw. The wire must have been part of a fence several decades ago that was up close against the tree and when there was no stretch left in the fence, the tree simply grew around it. It always fascinates me how determined trees can be when it comes to growing over, around or through obstacles - nothing can stop nature going where she wants to go!

Otter prints

While on site in Ismore meadow we also checked on our newest pond to see how the vegetation is seeding in around it, and were pleased to find otter prints in the silty soil around the edge. The pond is fed by a small brook and the overflow from the pond runs into the Severn; having otters on site is a very positive sign as it means the water quality is good. We also have otters along our stretch of the river Tern - there are certain spots where you can frequently find fresh spraints (droppings) and the remains of meals. I took a picture of some spraint (below) a few months ago on the edge of the deer park and the presence of many fish scales shows that fish were on the menu that week:

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