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Attingham Park is a National Trust property comprising of an 18th Century mansion set in a Repton landscape; the Park and wider Estate includes a deer park, walled garden, several miles of the rivers Severn and Tern, extensive farmland and woodlands.

Sunday 5 July 2015

A quick update from the Deer Park

The deer park has its newest arrivals as throughout June the fallow fawns were born. You may have spotted some of the fawns already as they soon learn to run and keep up with their mothers. The wardens spotted a few when they were very young and laying up in the long grass and nettles so we took a few pictures to share with you before leaving the area quietly - we hope you enjoy them!

I only just spotted this one as it lay completely still as I passed...
This little one was very well hidden - we used a zoom lens to get so close! (pic by Ben Hunt)
My favourite picture - utterly adorable! Again, taken with a zoom lens from a distance (pic by Ben Hunt)
In the recent heatwave the deer have mostly been found resting up in the shade beneath the horse chestnut trees along the WWII path. The bucks are in full velvet and their antlers are growing fast - you will notice how the common, darker coloured bucks have a brown tinged velvet while the menil (pale with bright white spots) have white velvet. It's a wonderful time of year to watch these elegant creatures as they soak up the sunshine so try to fit a walk in next time you visit!

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