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Attingham Park is a National Trust property comprising of an 18th Century mansion set in a Repton landscape; the Park and wider Estate includes a deer park, walled garden, several miles of the rivers Severn and Tern, extensive farmland and woodlands.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Summer of Celebration begins

This week the wardens have been getting the park ready for the big Jubilee weekend along with the rest of the work tasks (fixing the deer park fence, mulching hedge plants, aftercare on newly laid hedges, hanging gates and giving special guided tours to benefactors of Attingham). On Saturday, the new half term childrens trail will open; on Sunday 3rd June we are hosting The Big Lunch - bring your picnic to Attingham and join in with the games and entertainment form our costumed guides. Monday 4th June will include a special showing of a bespoke animation by Aardman starring Wallace and Gromit, the chance to take part in an animation workshop and a fancy dress competition (theme - The Wrong Trousers!). Rumour has it some of the staff will be in special costumes too... Tuesday will be Trusty Tuesday Club with den building on the deer park. If the sun stays out it will be a fantastic week for the family to enjoy.

Lets hope she keeps the cygnets away from
the weir!
The first fawn has been born! Sarah spotted the newborn last weekend as she watched the herd and noticed that they were all staring at something in the nettles. Because a mother may abandon her fawn if it is touched by humans she stayed well away but was able to see it being licked by its mum and try to stand up. Fantastic! I'll keep my camera on me for the next few weeks and see if we can spot some more...

The deer are not the only ones expecting in the park at the moment. If you walk down to the bridges beyond the mansion you will see the swan on her nest on the other side of the river; I nearly fell over in fright when a pheasant exploded up beside me as I walked along and then saw her nest about two feet away from me; and the damselflies are breeding on several of the ponds. Volunteer Phil also found this casing from a dragonfly nymph - fascinating!

A pheasant nest
Dragonfly nymph casing
A female Banded Demoiselle
Finally, this week saw us saying goodbye to Becky, a Harper Adams student who has been working with us for nearly a year. She is getting married this week and then travelling for three months before heading back to university to complete her course. She has been a great asset to the team and will be sorely missed - good luck Becks!
A goodbye party at the Mytton and Mermaid with presents and chainsaw cake - thanks for
all your hard work Becky!

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