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Friday, 9 March 2012

Sneak preview of the new play area

This week has seen the wardens continuing work in the new play area that will open later this year. The earth mound/tunnels have been formed and on Monday we spread grass seed over the bare ground to encourage the turf to grow and solidify the surface. The pipes join up in the centre of the mound in a spooky dark tube so the kids are going to have great fun running through it screaming their heads off! I've had a try but luckily no-one had a camera on them - instead, I caught volunteer Andrew having a play...

Big kids love it too!

Phil and David have finished bolting the 'climbing frame' together so its ready to be clambered over, and soon work will begin on the sandpit and stepping stones. There is still a lot of work to do to get the site ready so keep reading for updates.

Colin spreading the grass seed
As well as the play area, the wardens have continued hedgelaying (now that we are into March the hedgelaying season is coming to an end - the entire hedge line must be checked for nesting birds before any work is carried out, and as soon as we see signs of nesting we will stop laying until next September); processing logs; supervising volunteer tractor drivers; patrolling the riverside and checking fishing licences/tickets; attending meetings; removing old fences in preparation for new ones; liaising with tenant farmers over future work; posing for the Shropshire Star and Shropshire Magazine (!) and celebrating an important birthday (happy birthday Ness from the learning department!) as well as a dozen other things. After working last weekend as well, I am ready for a break and am heading off on holiday tomorrow - see you in a few weeks!

Bob proudly showing off his perfect log!

Taking a break after lugging timber for two days...
Wardens love a bit of cake!


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