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Attingham Park is a National Trust property comprising of an 18th Century mansion set in a Repton landscape; the Park and wider Estate includes a deer park, walled garden, several miles of the rivers Severn and Tern, extensive farmland and woodlands.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Attingham cows

I was working with a small team of volunteers a few days ago clearing bramble away from the Park fence and cutting back the line of hawthorns to prevent them growing over and through the fence. Our work soon piqued the interest of the cows that graze the front park. The cows belong to Mr Dixon of Home Farm, and he has quite a range of breeds. The following are just a few of the curious cattle we have on site:

Highland cow - one of my favourite breeds of cow with their beautiful horns and shaggy coats. There are only two at Attingham, a mother and her (now grown up) calf - I believe their names are Morag and Hamish.

Longhorns - another breed with striking horns, and there is a large herd of them at Home Farm. You will often see them grazing as you come up the drive to the mansion.

Belted Galloway - Easily identified with their distinctive white belly band

Dexter - Short legged and full of character

There is also a large Jersey herd as well as a few other individuals. I love seeing the cattle out on the park, especially when the calves are young and playing around in the sunshine. The only exception is when they decide to group together on the road and stoicly hold their position as you drive up to them - this usually happens whenever I am running slightly late for work - somehow they just know!

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